It is really simple to book the Wellbeing Workshops. Dioceses need to appoint an internal lead to choose the workshops best suited to the training needs of clergy in their diocese and checks the number of course credits needed.

Course Credits

The number of credits required for each course varies. Each diocese has a number of course credits per calendar year, based on the total headcount of stipendiary and self-supporting clergy.

1 - 150 clergy

2 course credits

151 - 200 clergy

3 course credits

201 - 300 clergy

4 course credits

301 - 450 clergy

5 course credits

450+ clergy

6 course credits

How to book

Once the diocesan lead has selected a Workshop for their diocese and checked the credits available to the diocese they then  liaise directly with the training provider. The diocesan lead is responsible for organising the date and time of the workshop with the training provider and clergy attendance. Dioceses also provide the venue and any catering.

The training provider will deliver the workshop, materials and follow-up conversations. They then invoice Clergy Support Trust for their costs and expenses; and provide feedback.

Workshop List

Wellbeing Workshops (PDF)

Please contact us with workshop suggestions, feedback, to request a hard-copy of the brochure and any other queries.


  • We warmly encourage smaller dioceses to partner with other dioceses and merge their course credits.
  • Headcounts do not include retired clergy, though they are welcome to attend.
  • Numbers are based on the most recent available ministry statistics for each Church we serve (CofE, CoI, CiW, SEC) and if you are in doubt please contact us.
  • Dioceses can book further courses than their credits allow, but we can only pay invoices to the agreed course credits in a given year.