Our partnership with Sleepstation enables Anglican ordinands, clergy, retirees and their spouses/partners, including those who are divorced, separated or widowed, to access a clinically validated online programme designed to address the problems of insomnia and poor quality sleep.

Sleepstation offers a web-based programme, approved by the NHS in the UK since 2012, with a user-friendly interface. Participants in the programme complete therapy sessions in their own time, with proactive and reactive support from Sleepstation when needed.

We have also worked with Sleepstation to produce a downloadable guide to achieving better sleep.

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The first step in the programme is a detailed assessment and sleep review which allows Sleepstation to determine who would benefit from online therapy for insomnia. A detailed programme is then tailor-made to address the participant's individual needs and unique circumstances.

The next step is therapy. A personal sleep plan is created, based on information collated during the initial sleep review. The Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia (CBTi) programme is delivered entirely online.

Throughout the process, participants will have unlimited access to a range of sleep resources. There is also a secure messaging service that reaches a support team comprised of sleep coaches, therapists and experts and overseen by a clinician.

This programme is available to ordinands, serving and retired Anglican clergy in the UK & Ireland and their spouses/partners.

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Please note that the Sleepstation programme is not suitable for under 18s or those with the following conditions or disorders:

  • Epilepsy, bipolar disorder, mania, schizoaffective disorder, schizophrenia or a personality disorder.
  • Very severe untreated generalised anxiety (this should be addressed first).
  • History of psychosis/psychotic episodes, seizures or PTSD.
  • Parasomnias.