These are short videos to help you register, apply and provide documentation. You may also find help and guidance useful, which covers frequently asked questions.

Registration and Verification

Before you can apply, you need to go through registration and verification.

We will then check your details, and -if you are eligible- you will receive a login so you can apply for grants and services. 

The video to the right walks you through the process of filling out the form, from start to finish.

It should take about 10 minutes to fill out if you have the information ready, which you can see on the Registration Checklist.

Registration walk-through

Emergency Grants

Our emergency grants are designed to help in times of unforeseen crises or unexpected costs across a wide variety of categories.

These grants are smaller in value (usually up to £500) and decisions and payments can be made more quickly than for financial support grants.

Before applying, please ensure you have chosen the category for which you are applying. You may apply for up to 3 emergency grants a year, twice in the most categories except separation, curacy, or transport and travel costs.

Emergency grant walk-through

Providing documentation

To progress any application for support, we need some documents. Without these, we can't reach a decision:

  • document(s) in the category type for which you are applying
  • document(s) showing how you relate to a clergy household (more details)

The video shows you how to successfully:

  • take screenshots (Mac, PC, Phones and Tablets)
  • get a copy of your stipend that isn't blank

Screenshots and documentation