For clergy households, if you feel comfortable, we encourage you to contact your diocese, Archdeacon or Bishop regarding discretionary funds. To find other sources of grants (including specific geographical areas / personal circumstances), try Turn2Us Grant Search.


Additional Curates Society - CofE - Grants supporting curates of a traditional catholic background.

Frances Ashton Charity - CofE - Grants supporting clergy and widow(er)s.

Lord Crewe's Charity - CofE (Durham and Newcastle) - grants for clergy and their families, including education, family and resettlement.

The Cleaver Ordination Candidates Fund - grants for ordinands (books, overseas, course fees) and clergy (academic courses, research and continued study) of a traditional catholic background.

The Elland Society - CofE (York Province) - grants to ordinands in hardship and towards overseas mission for those planning to serve in the province.

The Foundation of Edward Storey - CofE, CiW, SEC - Grants and loans for clergy, spouses (divorced & separated), widow(er)s, plus sheltered housing for over 60s in Cambridgeshire.

The English Clergy Association - CofE - supports clergy and their families with holidays in France or Portsmouth.

The Leaders of Worship and Preachers Trust (LWPT) - UK - support to study preaching / developing your vocation (course fee and materials) and hardship grants for immediate financial need.

The Society for the Relief of Poor Clergy - CofE, CiW, CiI, SEC - provides grants to evangelical clergy, accredited lay workers, and clergy widow(er)s.

Benevolent funds

There is funding for specific professions. If you or your partner are/were in a profession (eg. dancer, nurse, accountant) then you may find there is a corresponding fund.

Britain Explained - UK - a list of professional benevolent funds.

Professionals Aid Guild - UK - helps professionals and graduates in the UK with financial assistance from any profession.

The Association of Charitable Organisations (ACO) - UK - membership body of charities and grant members that give to individuals. Clergy Support Trust is a member.


Other Support

StepChange - a UK debt charity offering free debt advice and money management support to around 650,000 people a year. Debt advice is provided online or over the phone. Clergy Support Trust partners with StepChange.

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The Royal Society for the Support of Women of Scotland - Scot - Financial support to single women aged 50 or over on low income and limited savings.

The Women's Continued Ministerial Education Trust - CoE, SEC - supports the ministerial development of female clergy, accredited lay workers and religious sisters in their continued training.


Changes for Children / Buttle UK - UK - individual grants for children and young people who have experienced a crisis and education as needed.

Family Action - grants aimed at strengthening families, and communities, building skills and resilience

Family Fund - grants for families raising a disabled or seriously ill child.