Our Visiting Caseworker service supports households with more complex needs with grants and services applications, while also working with the applicant to access support from the NHS, local authorities and other organisations. 

Please note that applicants are not able to specifically request a Visiting Caseworker when applying. This service is only available on referral by the grants and services team.

In 2022 (when the service began), the Visiting Caseworkers visited 73 clergy households and supported another 39 online or over the phone.


What they do

While a comprehensive range of grants and services can be applied for via our website, sometimes a more detailed follow-up is needed to ensure clergy households with complex needs are getting the best all-round support

This can range from helping those suffering from ill health to complete their application forms to the Trust and other organisations, to giving advice about applying for benefits, and liaising on education needs to support parents of children with learning difficulties or neurodiverse conditions.

Changing lives

In their first year, the Visiting Caseworkers helped clergy families secure £280,000 in external funding, including Disabled Living Allowance, Personal Independence Payments (PIPs) and Disabled Facilities Grants.

They have provided debt support, mental health support, emotional support, helped with EHCP (education, health and care plans) and tribunals, and supported with home aids and adaptations, as well as occupational therapy assessments.

Our Visiting Caseworkers, Elena and Lindsay

Our Visiting Caseworkers, Elena and Lindsay.