Registration is a simple process which involves you providing information that helps to identify you and set up your account.

It also enables us to verify that we can provide support to you as a current or former Anglican clergy household. Once completed, you'll be able to log in and apply.

Register and Verification

Some Apple device users are having issues applying for grants using the Safari browser. To fix this, we recommend using Chrome to apply:

Registration Checklist

You will need the following to register and be verified:

  • Contact details (email and phone)
  • Household saving details (savings include all household bank / building society accounts, savings accounts, ISAs, stocks and shares or other financial investments, but exclude any funds in defined contribution pension schemes.)
  • National Insurance Number (UK) or Personal Public Service Number (Ireland), especially to match your previous grant history
  • Proof of your clergy status or link to a current/past clergy person. For example: stipend slip or pension slip from the last 3 months, or other verification document(s)

If you are unsure that you have this information, we may be able to help; especially if you have applied to us before. Please see the help and guidance.

Registration walk-through