Thank you for your interest in our work supporting Anglican clergy and their dependants.

Editor notes

  • The charity was established in 1655 by merchants in the City of London who were sons of clergymen who wanted to support widows and orphans of clergy.
  • The charity received a Royal Charter from King Charles II in 1678.
  • For many years the charity was known as the Sons of the Clergy, and then the Sons & Friends of the Clergy. We changed our name to Clergy Support Trust in March 2019.
  • Clergy Support Trust is an independent charity and hence cannot speak on behalf of the Church of England or any other church of the Anglican Communion.

Festival Service

  • We have an annual Festival Service at St Paul's Cathedral with three choirs, bringing together the Church and City of London.
  • The Festival celebrates both the history and current work of the charity and raises awareness.
  • 367th Festival Service will be Tuesday 24 May 2022 at 5pm

News and press releases

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Facts and figures

These figures come from our existing reports, highlighted here for your ease:

  • 2,437 clergy family members were helped through the £2.42 million of grants provided in 2020

Other documents: Annual reports and policies

Contact and interviews

If you would like to arrange an interview or have further questions, please contact Catherine Cashmore on or call 020 8167 2833.

Photos and video

Please do not copy photos and images directly from our website as these are copyrighted, with some from commercial stock libraries. We do have some images of clergy but would need to ask their permission.

  • Short video testimonials from people we help can be found on our YouTube channel.
  • Behind-the-scenes photos from the 366th Festival Service via Dropbox
  • The video summarising our work (below) can be embedded from YouTube.


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