Can we help your household's wellbeing with our range of wellbeing support?

Many of these are available without means-testing or providing detailed financial information. We do ask that you tell us about any savings you have over £16,000 if you are a property owner, or £200,000 if you do not have a property.

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Wellbeing support

In addition to our wellbeing grants, we are able to offer further wellbeing support from the list below.

You can apply for any of the wellbeing support categories as and when needed, for you and members of your household. However, we would recommend individuals focus on one area of support at a time, rather than accessing multiple services all at once.

If you have any queries or would like to talk your application through you can call our grants team confidentially on 0800 3895192 or email us on


Help is available for relationship and/or family counselling costs. Individual or couples counselling is available via our partner, JR Corporate Health or you can work with an existing counsellor. For children under the age of 18 with mental health related counselling needs, please see our health grants.

I need a relationship counsellor

If you would like to attend online or telephone counselling, either by yourself, or as a couple, then a direct referral can be made to our partner, JR Corporate Health for an initial session. If it is decided from this introductory session that counselling could be helpful, then Clergy Support Trust will fund six sessions.

If it is recommended that further sessions are needed, then an additional six sessions may be funded by the Trust.

Please note that this service is only available to those 18 and over.

I have a relationship counsellor, but I need help with funding

If you have found a counsellor you would like to work with, (who is on an accredited register with the Professional Standards Authority), then we can fund up to a maximum of £1,000 towards counselling costs.

We also recommend Relate for wider family counselling, for example to include children, step-children. We may be able to help fund these costs.

Carer support

Caring for someone can be very rewarding, although, can also be emotional and challenging. We can support you to be able to take a break and take some time for you.

Adult carer's support

If you receive Carer’s Allowance, or a member of your household receives the higher rate of DLA or PIP, or you are unable to physically leave your home for long periods due to caring responsibilities we are able to offer some additional support.

The aim of this support is to help full-time carers to:

  • Take a break from day-to-day routines
  • Maintain friendships
  • Pursue personal interests, leisure activities or cultural activities
  • Have greater independence and self-confidence
  • Improve mental health and wellbeing

Any time away from home would require additional care to be organised, which may include a friend, a family member, or a qualified social care professional.

Consider contacting your local authority to enquire about funding for respite care for either the carer or the person being cared for. Carer’s should have a carer’s assessment and the cared for should have a needs assessment.

We can consider grants up to £750 per year, for a carer to access regular respite, which could include activities like gym membership/exercise classes, help with taxis or lunch out with friends.

Young carer's support

Support is available for clergy children up to the age of 18, who may have a parent or a sibling with a long-term health condition, and who they help provide care for.

Grants are available up to £500 per year for an activity that may help:

  • Improve self-esteem and confidence
  • Connect with others/make new friends
  • Improve mental and/or physical health

Ordinands and curate books

Study with ease using our eBook library from SPCK and IVP or in specific circumstances a book grant.

Clergy Support Trust Library

The online ebook library is available free to all Anglican ordinands actively studying at a recognised UK or Irish training college or on a non-residential regional course. It is also available to curates completing their training (IME2). This free online library is subsidised by Clergy Support Trust.

Book grant

We are able to support ordinands and curates-in-training who may struggle with reading online books (diagnosed with dyslexia, or visual impairment) to apply for a grant of £300 per year towards physical books for study.

Please note: We would need your GP or another health professional to provide some evidence for this need.

Coaching and mentoring

Are you looking for some direction, considering the next step in your life or clerical vocation?

Clergy Transitions Service

If you are ordained serving clergy and feel you may be at a crossroads in your vocation and require some mentoring or rejuvenation, we can refer you to the Clergy Transitions Service. This coaching and mentoring approach can also provide support with CV preparation, interview techniques, or just some time and space to consider next steps.

The majority of serving clergy in Church of England are eligible for funding through their diocese. If you are not currently associated with a Diocese, or located in other provinces, our grant to Clergy Transitions Service may help fund your place.

If interested in pursuing coaching and mentoring support with the Clergy Transitions Service, please contact Helen Averill direct via or call 0207 898 1237
When contacting Helen, please remember to state that you’ve been signposted by Clergy Support Trust.

If you are living with mental health issues we encourage you to access counselling before being referred to the Clergy Transitions Service.

Mentoring support

Grants, up to £600, are available for mentoring support for serving clergy, current and former spouses/partners.

You need to find your own coach and we ask for coaches or mentors to be accredited by:

Spiritual direction can be considered if not available through your diocese.

Please ensure you apply for one support category per application.

If you have any queries please call our grants team confidentially on 0800 389 5192 or email

If you are returning to finish an existing application then please go here. You may also find the Grants FAQ page helpful.