We are privileged to work in partnership with Dioceses, at all levels, to serve the clergy households who serve so many. This section of our website includes resources to help make that happen.

Please do suggest additions and amends, or just get in touch with our External Relations team, on hello@clergysupport.org.uk. If you would like us to have a presence at a meeting or event, please ask.

Wellbeing Workshops

This training offering provides space for clergy to reflect on their wellbeing and receive training from our providers.

Seven workshops are available to book, funded by a course credit model based on your diocesan headcount.

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We have a number of free print resources available for you to request and distribute.

  • Grants & Services leaflets
  • Ordinand-specific flyer
  • 1-page summary
  • Wellbeing workshops booklet

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Adding detail about a grant or service that we offer in an appropriate email can really connect with people's needs.

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Some timeless news stories that aren't on our website and you can add to yours. Copy-paste or add your own twist. 

While we can't produce something bespoke for each Diocese, if you have a story that we can share, drop us a line.

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Text reads: 1/6 of all serving Church of England clergy were supported by the Trust in 2022.

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