Trauma-informed Ministry

This workshop explores how recent developments in trauma theory and neurobiology can resource clergy who find themselves striving to keep going without adequate recovery from the strains of the Covid-19 pandemic.

"As they hold together their own lives, clergy seek also to hold together their congregations, often in the face of declined attendance and participation, increased financial pressures, and the need for both change and stability.”

Living Ministry Wave 4 Report

It’s not a situation that is going to be resolved easily or quickly – so how can clergy and congregations find courage and creativity to deal with the challenges together without burning out or breaking apart?

Participants will learn:

  • how we can use recent developments in trauma theory and neurobiology to help us understand what happens in our body and brain when we are dealing with trauma, or experiencing chronic stress, anxiety and conflict
  • how leaders, congregations and communities can respond pastorally, to help responses to be less reactive and more considered, creative and sustainable
  • where God is in all of this, and what connections there are between our experience and understanding of trauma and our biblical and faith resources
  • how our Scriptures are a robust resource in trauma, and demonstrate the power of reframing as a component of resilience

Workshop List

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Training provider

The Reverend Hilary IsonThe Reverend Hilary Ison gained experience in Organisational Consultancy, Systems Leadership and Systems Constellations, after her initial theological training and ordination. She was a member of a research team on Tragedy and Congregations from 2017-21, and is a Trustee of St Luke’s for Clergy Wellbeing.


  • Audience: All in ordained ministry
  • Participants: 12-18
  • Format: -Online (half-day), in-person (full-day)
  • Credits: 0.5 (half-day) - 1 (full-day) (how credits work)

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