Leadership Training for Established Leaders

This Workshop will benchmark current leadership, refine leadership skills and enhance character formation and personal development to lead with excellence.

Participants will:

  • Move from plateauing/struggling in leadership to identifying pain points and building a resilient plan for the next season
  • Have a personality deep-dive to identify patterns of behaviour and leadership tendencies for personal growth
  • Learn skills for leading under pressure and stress, and how to stay healthy and be both present with family and productive in ministry, despite the challenges
  • Learn about intentional investment into team leadership – effective delegation, having difficult conversations which liberate and dealing with conflict and organisational change well, in order to increase the health and efficacy of teams
  • Increase the ability to pass on gifts, skills and competencies to other less experienced leaders through wise relational and professional development
  • Hone their organisational leadership skills in terms of vision, values, roles and responsibilities, structures and strategies for thriving churches and ministries

Workshop List

Wellbeing Workshops (PDF)

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Training provider

The Reverend Stu Wright has over 25 years’ leadership experience, has been ordained for 15 years, and has led churches in some of the most challenging places in the UK. He is a Partner at GiANT London, a specialised leadership consulting group. Stu oversees a team of experienced coaches.


  • Audience: Incumbents, Associates and Senior Clergy
  • Participants: 12-20
  • Format: In-person, online, hybrid
  • Credits: 0.5 (half-day) - 1.5 (two-day) (how credits work)

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Workshops are booked directly with providers, by the designated wellbeing workshops lead for your diocese. If you are the nominated person, you can get in touch directly with providers using this form.

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