Mira's parents, Kate and Simon, wanted Mira to live her life to the full, so they applied for a health grant to fund a special wheelchair.

"The Church said I might ‘feel uncomfortable’ in a curacy where parishioners were ‘monochrome white working-class parish’ - that I wouldn’t fit in as a black person.

The Reverend Barry Forde needed a bike to stay healthy, commute to work and spend valuable time with his family. We were happy to help with a Wellbeing Grant.

When Tim faced unaffordable car repair costs, he reached out to the Trust to see if we could help.

"The help with school fees so that Alice* can go to a specialist school has changed everything about our lives."

It's quite a difficult thing to pick up the phone or to email someone saying, 'Listen, I need some counselling. Can you help me?'