When car repairs, dental fees and school expenses all came round at once, Sara and her family were confident that the Trust could lend a hand.

Since 2022, we have helped with over £128,000 to support clergy facing debt... but the Universal Credit shift could see households £1 million out of pocket.

"The Church said I might ‘feel uncomfortable’ in a curacy where parishioners were ‘monochrome white working-class parish’ - that I wouldn’t fit in as a black person.

When a blown thermostat and water pump meant that Becca couldn't use her car for her rural ministry, she contacted the Trust.

Luke March has been a Steward of the Festival for five decades. Find out why our historic choral music event means so much to him.

Our Organisation grants help support the Sheldon centre in Devon, a Christian community offering retreats to clergy and/or their spouses/partners.