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This Petertide, we look forward to the ordination of many new deacons, as they embark on their ministry life.

Once ordained and as a curate, you can now access the full range of Clergy Support Trust's grants and services, including:

  • Emergency grants for those unexpected costs, from energy bills to car repairs.
  • Health grants to provide support with physical or mental health conditions.
  • Wellbeing grants towards fitness activities, spiritual retreats or a holiday.
  • Counselling for a range of difficulties, including anxiety and relationships.
  • Insomnia therapy, delivered online by clinicians and sleep experts.

Our Chief Executive, The Revd Ben Cahill-Nicholls has recorded a short film, showcasing the range of support available to those starting their curacy this Petertide. The more clergy who know about us, the better equipped they will be in their lives and ministry.

“Ministry is an enormous joy and a huge privilege, but sometimes, it can be tough as well. In those moments, please do remember that Clergy Support Trust is here for you and your household, ready and delighted to walk alongside you in any way we can. May God bless you in your ministry to come."

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Supporting curates and their families

When The Reverend Shaun Armstrong and his family moved from a small new-build property to a larger ministry home, they knew their bills would increase.

What they couldn’t have foreseen was the staggering cost-of-living crisis which left them worrying about heating their home and living in only one room.

"I contacted the Trust and they immediately put me at ease. They understood my situation and reassured me there are many others experiencing similar challenges. They’re fantastic people and explained things clearly."

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