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We're excited to launch a series of Wellbeing Workshops to support Anglican ministers in the UK and Ireland.

These workshops have been developed in direct response to clergy households asking for more support with mental health, and for safe spaces to reflect on their own wellbeing.

Following consultation and pilots with dozens of clergy and diocesan leaders, we've worked with five support providers to develop courses to help fill the gaps identified by those supported by the Trust.

Clergy can receive mental health first aid training to equip them with practical frameworks to support people experiencing mental health difficulties. There is also a course on trauma-informed ministry to explore the emotional and psychological impact of the pandemic on clergy and their congregations. Another course focuses on stress and resilience, to prevent the pressures of ministry from having a detrimental impact on clergy health.

The Revd Ben Cahill-Nicholls, Chief Executive of Clergy Support Trust, said:

“In 2022, the Trust walked alongside almost a fifth of all Church of England clergy.

That startlingly high number, and the conversations we’re privileged to have with applicants, reveals a great need for more wellbeing support across the Churches whose clergy we serve.

Our prayer is that these new Wellbeing Workshops, developed in partnership with specialist providers, will play a pivotal role in ensuring clergy feel better prepared not only to look after their own mental health and wellbeing, but also for those they minister.

We know how tight some diocesan finances are right now, which is why these Wellbeing Workshops are completely free.

The Workshops are a pivotal step for the Trust as we seek to increase the preventative nature of our vital work - serving those who do so much in service of others.”

Dr Claire Walker, Chief Executive of St Luke’s, commented:

“St Luke's for Clergy Wellbeing is delighted to be participating in this initiative, and welcomes the opportunity to help dioceses establish or further develop reflective practice groups.”

The Revd Stu Wright, who has designed the leadership content for the initial programme, added:

“GiANT London are excited to partner with the Trust to deliver leadership training within this excellent range of courses. We look forward to working with dioceses and strengthening the substantial support Clergy Support Trust already offer.”

Ben Evans, Chief Executive of HumanTalk, who will be providing mental health first aid training, said:

“Humantalk are delighted to be partnering with Clergy Support Trust. The wellbeing of clergy and the communities they serve is as important as ever – it's a privilege to be involved.”

Booking for the Wellbeing Workshops is now live, and diocesan wellbeing leads can book these courses for their clergy with Clergy Support Trust covering the cost.


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