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Clergy Support Trust has announced as part of its 2019-2022 strategy that it is launching a new initiative to support research projects which identify and seek to address the wellbeing challenges faced by those in ordained Anglican ministry. There will be a particular focus on finance, health and relationships.

Organisations and individuals are invited to submit proposals for Research Grants of up to £15,000. The charity will consider proposals on a quarterly basis. Particular priority will be given to projects which focus on the following aspects of clergy wellbeing:

  • Financial wellbeing and financial education/resilience
  • Mental health
  • Family and other relationships

This research will build on existing research that Clergy Support Trust has commissioned around clergy indebtedness and financial hardship, and on a 'Minimum Income Standard' for clergy households in the UK. The latter in particular informed the revision of our grants criteria and new grants policy in July of this year.

Commenting on this new initiative, the Chief Executive of Clergy Support Trust, Jeremy Moodey, said:

"Clergy Support Trust has historically focused on grants to individuals in need. This continues to be a key priority for the charity. But we need to move from reparative to preventative solutions, and that means stimulating research and discussion on the wider issues affecting clergy wellbeing, to inform the broader debate within the Church. We look forward to receiving interesting proposals."

The chair of trustees for Clergy Support Trust, the Revd Canon Simon Butler, who also chaired the General Synod Working Group on a Covenant for Clergy Care and Wellbeing, added:

"The Church is increasingly focused on clergy wellbeing, and the role to be played by clergy themselves, parishes, the wider church and charities like ours. There is too little quality research in this area, so we hope that this initiative will help move the debate forwards and support the Church as it seeks to promote the care and wellbeing of its clergy."

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