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Strategy document introduction

Our mission is clear: to promote and support the financial wellbeing and physical and mental health of Anglican clergy and those training for ordination, as well as their families, so that they can thrive and be fruitful in their ministries.

Like all of us from time-to-time, clergy families face challenges and domestic crises. The clergy life is richly rewarding but can also be demanding and stressful.

Clergy Support Trust is committed to working with Anglican national church institutions, individual dioceses and partner organisations to provide the best possible support for clergy families who are going through difficult times.

Our overriding goals as a charity are to reach and help as many clergy families in need as we can, to commit expenditure of at least £12 million over the next four years in support of our charitable objects, and to spend this money in the most effective way. We hope our new name and branding, as well as a fresh approach to our grant-making and other charitable services (detailed on pages 10-13 of this document), will enable us to achieve these goals.

Read our 2019-2022 strategy document (PDF)

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Strategy Document 2019-2022