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From 1 July 2019, our new grant-making policy takes effect, widening the categories and types of grants you can apply for from Clergy Support Trust.

We hope that shorter and more specific application forms, including for new emergency and wellbeing grants, will help us focus our support where it is needed most. Moving from monthly to weekly payments will mean that an approved grant will also be paid more quickly.

For our means-tested financial support grants, the system has also been updated to use a clergy-adapted version of the nationally-recognised and annually-updated Minimum Income Standard (MIS) as the basis for benchmarking household income. The MIS has been developed by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and is used to calculate the real Living Wage.

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The grants on offer cover a wide range of needs, and you can now find more detail on each grant and the categories covered. The types of support available are:

To help determine which grants someone can apply for, the  eligibility checker has been updated to match and make it easier to click 'Apply' to the correct form.

Our grants team are also even easier to contact with a new free number 0800 389 5192 as well as on or via our contact form.

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