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Please note, these grants are no longer available

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant that most Anglican ordinands who would have expected to be ordained this summer to their curacy title posts (or deacon-internships in the Church of Ireland) have seen their ordinations delayed until later in the year.

Under our existing grants policy, ordinands would not normally be eligible for emergency grants, which are only available post-ordination. The Church Times Train-a-Priest (TAP) Fund is often used for such situations.

However, given the exceptional circumstances, we have made a temporary change to our grants policy to support ordinands through this difficult time. This policy will be reviewed at the end of July 2020 in the light of the support provided by dioceses towards their ordinands.

Emergency grants

Any Anglican ordinand in the UK or Ireland who has been notified of his or her title post (or deacon-internship in the Church of Ireland) but whose ordination has been delayed can now apply for one emergency grant of up to £500. This is available to ordinands preparing for both stipendiary and self-supporting ministry.

In the past we have supported newly-ordained curates with a transitional grant of up to £500 as they wait for their first stipend; this is now available to ordinands who are waiting for their first stipend in the temporary role of Licensed Lay Minister (LLM).

Ordinands do not need to be licensed to apply for this grant. See the full range of emergency grants.

Supporting documentation

Ordinands applying for an emergency grant will need to supply evidence of their title post or Irish deacon-internship.

If you are unsure whether you can apply, or whether you have the appropriate proof, then please contact our friendly grants team in confidence:

Apply for an emergency grant

Once they are ordained, Anglican curates or deacon-interns can access our full range of grants, subject to our usual grant-making criteria.

For more information and to check eligibility, visit our online eligibility checker.

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Clergy Support Trust Library

Anglican ordinands and curates can access over 1,100 ebooks from SPCK/IVP via apps and a website thanks to a free subscription supported by Clergy Support Trust.

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Ordinand Health Grants

Anglican ordinands and dependent members of their family living with a temporary or long-term health condition (physical or mental) may be able to get help with assistive technologies, household adaptations, mobility aids/equipment, occupational therapy assessments, traumatic events, diagnostic tests, bereavement and therapies.

Ordinand health grants