The Library's retail cost (£120 per year) is being covered by Clergy Support Trust to make it FREE for the duration of your ordination and curacy training. 

Download as many books as you want. New SPCK, IVP and Apollos titles will be added as and when they are published. Notable authors include:

  • Tom Wright
  • Kenneth Bailey
  • Richard Rohr
  • Rowan Williams

The Clergy Support Trust Library is available via web browser, Apple (iOS) and Android after you fill out the subscription form.

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All Anglican ordinands and curates (Initial Ministerial Education Phase 2 - IME2) in the UK and Ireland are being offered FREE access to a Library website and apps sponsored by Clergy Support Trust.

A partnership with the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge and Inter-Varsity Press in the UK, the Library covers over 1,000 titles in e-book format from the SPCK/IVP catalogue of theological resources and other Christian books.

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September 2019 Update


If you signed up for the Library in the past year as an ordinand then you will receive an email about renewing your subscription. This should contain a link to a form where you put in the code for where you are studying.

New sign-ups and curates-in-training (IME2)

In response to popular demand, and in recognition of the unique challenges of training as a curate, the Ordinand Library has now been renamed the Clergy Support Trust Library and has been extended as a free resource to all curates-in-training (IME2) in the UK & Ireland.

To start your subscription you will now need an access code when you subscribe (get the Library) to verify and activate your account for the apps and website.


Who can access the library?

Free subscriptions are available for Anglican ordinands (IME1 in the Church of England) and curates-in-training (IME2) in the UK and Ireland.

To support access to the library and its use, librarians at Theological Education Institutions can have two licenses, and a further two licenses are available for diocesan directors of ordinands and those responsible for curate training.

Our charitable objects mean we are unable to extend Library access to lay ministers or those training for ministry in other denominations. However we have agreed with SPCK Publishing (who provide the service) that the technology (apps and website) can be used as-is to provide access to other groups. If this is of interest, please contact SPCK to discuss a possible access agreement.

Where do I get the code (ordinand)?

You should be able to get your code directly by logging into your training portal (which you might know as Moodle).

When logged in, look for 'The Hub', possibly in the right-hand-column, to take you to this central resource. You'll know you are there as it had a green band across the top.

In The Hub, look at the 'Hub Resources' menu and under the drop-down you will see 'Clergy Support Trust'. This asks if you are an ordinand and than you can click 'view access code', which is a 6-digit code.

If you don't manage to find the code then please ask your DDO, who should be able to give it to you. Codes are specific to where you are training (your TEI) and will change each year.

Where do I get my code (curate)?

If you are a curate-in-training (IME2), then you should be able to get your code from your diocesan CMD/IME2 officer.

They will have received this by an email from us directly and in the CofE from Keith Beech-Gruneberg in Ministry Division. The code will change each year and we hope to make it directly accessible soon.

Where do I get codes (DDO/ CMD/ IME2 Officer)?


Ordinands have a 6-digit code which is specific to where they are training (their TEI). These change each year and can be obtained directly by ordinands or by request.


If you go via your training Moodle into The Hub, and under 'Hub Resources' click on 'Clergy Support Trust'. This will ask if you are an ordinand, and once that question is answered you can click 'View access code'.


Please contact us on with a list of the TEIs for which your ordinands need codes. Hopefully next year we will be able to send you the codes you need in advance as we will know where your ordinands are studying.

Curates-in-training (IME2)

Curates have a single 6-digit code this year (2019) which you hopefully have received by either a direct email from ourselves and if in the CofE from Keith Beech-Gruneberg in Ministry Division.

This code will change each year. if you haven't received it for 2019/20 then please contact us on and we'll ensure you receive the codes in future.

How do I renew my subscription?

You should receive a renewal email close to or on your renewal date with two big orange boxes so you can renew your subscription.

Please do check your junk/spam and/or look for the sender as this renewal email will come each year.

If you are an ordinand/curate you can access the form here, and will need your code (see other FAQs). You cannot currently renew within the app or website.