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We regularly review our charitable impact and in recent years have taken key facts and figures, along with some feedback from our beneficiaries, to create an annual Impact Report.

Key facts and figures for 2018

  • 2,334 family members were impacted as a result of our grants (based on applicant, partner, and dependent children).
  • Grants totalled £2.6m, of which Special Purpose Grants were £405k.
  • 547 grants were awarded, excluding ordinands and organisations.
  • 178 new applicants received grants in 2018 (26% of all applications).
  • 800 registrations for the new SPCK/IVP Ordinand Library
  • 1,000 people attended our annual Festival Service at St Paul's Cathedral.

Download the Impact Report

You can also see previous reports on our Reports and Policies page. If you would like a printed copy of the 2018 Impact Report, please contact us using the details below.

Impact Report 2018