As well as caring for your loved ones, your will is an opportunity to remember the service of clergy and their families.

Thanks to the generosity of those who leave gifts, we’ve been able to support clergy, their partners and their children, from training through to retirement. We are also there for those sadly widowed and where marriages or civil partnerships have broken down.

We now support thousands of clergy households each year. Recently, the charity has been providing more essential financial, health and wellbeing help than ever before.

To leave a gift to the Trust, please ask your solicitor to include the charity’s name: Clergy Support Trust, and our charity number: 207736.

If you would like to tell us of your intentions, write to us at our registered office: 1 Dean Trench Street, Westminster, London, SW1P 3HB, or email

A vicar, dressed in black and standing in front of a stained glass church window.

Types of gift

We use gifts, large and small, to help clergy households in need. There are three ways to leave a gift to Clergy Support Trust:

A share or percentage of your estate ('a residue')
This is given from what is left after other specific gifts, such as to your loved ones, have been made.

A specific sum of money (a 'pecuniary legacy')
You can ask your solicitor to review this sum from time to time, to ensure it is not affected by inflation, and that it continues to reflect your generosity.

A particular item
This might be a property, shares, jewellery or a work of art.

Tax Exemption

Any share of your estate left to the Trust is fully exempt from Inheritance Tax, Capital Gains Tax and Stamp Duty in the UK.

If you leave a share of your estate to charity and the remainder of your estate is subject to inheritance tax, the taxable part will qualify for a reduced rate of inheritance tax.

Lifetime Gifts

It may be that you prefer to make a charitable gift during your lifetime, so you can see the difference made by your donation.

We are very happy to discuss gifts made in this way, and ways in which your gift may be used. There are a number of tax-efficient ways of enhancing such a donation, like Gift Aid.