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‘Help with an unexpected expense’

It’s been quite a rollercoaster ride for us because I’m the only earning family member and we are supporting my in-laws, four stepchildren and our son.

With Covid having struck, my parents in India are also finding it very difficult because my father used to be a travel operator and now his business has completely gone and so, I’m trying to support them as well.

Car breakdown

My role requires me to travel quite a lot in my car which is 15 years old, and we had a huge problem when the air conditioning pump blew up.

We had not really put any money aside for this.

Here in west Wales a car is essential, as public transport is not at all regular. You can’t rely on it for all the travel needed for my work as Bishop’s Chaplain and things we need to do as a family.

I looked online for organisations which could help us and found Clergy Support Trust.

The Trust was really very kind and gave us enough to get my car sorted and back on the road in a timely way.

Thank you, you’ve helped us a lot.

Shirley, Carmarthen