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‘Lifeline for a new curate’

When Covid happened, I ended up living in a motor home for six months. I’d been at college and went to live with mum and dad while I waited for my curacy house, but they needed to shield, and I had to find somewhere else to go.

With all my things in storage I didn’t have anything to cook with, I didn’t have anything to wear, or anything to wash with.

I was really struggling. The money from my final maintenance payment was all gone. I was really desperate.

It was difficult mentally and emotionally. I was so isolated.

Help for emergencies

Then one day I saw on Facebook that Clergy Support Trust might help.

I rang Clergy Support Trust and even though I wasn’t ordained yet, they made an exception and awarded me an emergency grant.

Right from the start they were looking for a way to help and support me in a time of real need. I wasn’t a statistic or a number, I was a person.

It was a lifeline. It was the difference between me being here doing what I’m doing, and me not being here doing what I’m doing.

I genuinely wouldn’t be here without the help of Clergy Support Trust.

Matt, Purbrook