Health and wellbeing grants cover a wide range of potential needs and the categories shown for each grant are indicative, not exclusive. So please get in touch if you have a need which doesn't seem to be explicitly covered.

Update - 24 March 2020

In the light of COVID-19 and Government restrictions brought in on 24 March 2020, we are no longer accepting grant applications for holidays, retreats, sabbaticals or gym memberships, given that it is unlikely to be possible to undertake these activities. This is a temporary suspension and will be reviewed regularly in line with Government advice.
If you have already received a wellbeing grant from us towards the cost of a holiday or sabbatical and you have had to cancel or change your plans, we will not ask for this grant to be returned. We would however expect our grant to be used towards other wellbeing activities throughout the year, as per our wellbeing grant criteria.

This is an area where often a confidential conversation with a member of our grants team will help clarify the potential options. You can contact them on 0800 389 5192, or via the contact form.

If you are unable to apply online then you can request a paper application by phone, email or writing to us at the address below.