Submitted by nick.gazard on Fri, 02/01/2019 - 09:49

Many people choose a clergy post with the quality of the local schools in mind. Of course, this means that Urban Priority Areas, where there is serious deprivation, often struggle to find clergy.
As a family with 3 school-aged children working and ministering in an Urban Priority Area, we have been indebted to Clergy Support Trust who have helped us with the financial burden. We used this support towards helping our children get a good education, paying for school bus fares, uniforms and additional costs.
Without Clergy Support Trust's help, we wouldn't be able to do this ministry. Our children are not tough enough to survive the situation without acquiring for themselves some of the social problems we are trying to alleviate in our parish.

Maybe more people would take the plunge into this kind of work if they knew they didn't have to sacrifice their kids to it?

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