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‘A chance to recharge’

I was in crisis in my life. My work, which was in a hospice at the time, was very heavy and stressful, and financially I was absolutely sunk. I just couldn’t figure out a way to climb out of the holes that I’d dug myself into.

When Clergy Support Trust said they could give me a grant for a holiday it felt like life was possible again.

Time away from it all

The conversation with the Grants and Services Officer was an enormous relief, and I didn’t feel like I was begging, but that I was being recognised and affirmed.

I remember sitting in a supermarket car park and I just wanted to cry because it was such an enormous relief to be helped in a really practical way.

With the support of the holiday grant, I was able to relax and plan a break that didn’t have to be completely on a shoestring.

It was amazing to just have a lump sum that covered everything. We were frugal and we were careful, but it just meant that we could have some celebration like fish and chips.

To have the time with my son Sam, away from the pressures we experience in life, just meant the world. We will carry that experience with us forever.

It was just an enormous gift, and I just want to say thank you for making it possible.

Eliza, Taunton