Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (SPCK)

The largest Christian publisher in the UK and the third oldest British publishing house operating today.  SPCK's aim is to make Christian ideas and values relevant and accessible to people of all faiths and none. Today, they publish quality books and resources under SPCK Publishing, IVP UK, Marylebone House and Sheldon Press. We work in partnership with SPCK to provide a free library resource to those training for ordained Anglican ministry, the Ordinand Library.

Society of Mary and Martha (Sheldon)

Sheldon is a retreat house formed of a cluster of converted farm buildings, situated in the countryside, just outside Exeter.  Their specialist work involves supporting people in Christian ministry, especially at times of stress, crisis, burnout or breakdown.  It is run by a resident lay Christian Community assisted by staff and volunteers. The retreat runs a number of specific programmes, including the 12,000-mile service, which we support (for eligible beneficiaries) with an annual grant.

Terrys Cross House

Terrys Cross House is a registered care home situated in the West Sussex countryside.  Retirement accommodation and care for those associated with the Church of England are given a priority (clergy, missionaries, their dependents and those associated).  Terrys Cross House also provides respite care, which can be useful for those requiring short-term care and support, particularly if recovering from a medical procedure.  We support a number of eligible residents in relation to their uncovered residential care costs, through a quarterly grant.

The College of St Barnabas

A residential community of retired Anglican clergy and church members, set in the countryside of Surrey.  The College offers a place of security for residents and includes nursing care, respite care and residential care.  We support a number of eligible residents in relation to their residential, care and nursing costs through an annual grant.

Holy Rood House

In 2018 we started a new partnership with the Holy Rood House Centre for Health and Pastoral Care in North Yorkshire. As with Sheldon, we support the uncovered costs of eligible beneficiaries who stay at Holy Rood House for pastoral, counselling or other support.