How to apply

Anglican ordinands training on a recognised course in the UK or Ireland are eligible to apply for assistance towards medical costs. This is for a physical or mental health condition which is affecting yourself, spouse, partner or dependent children. 

These requests will be treated in line with our grant criteria (on this page), with the aim of promoting health and relieving illness. 

All grant requests are treated confidentially and may be referred to our Medical Advisor upon completion of a medical consent form. All grants awarded are discretionary and applications are viewed on their own merits.

Before completing an application form, please contact a member of our Grants Team for an informal and confidential chat (call 020 7799 3696 or email

Once you have discussed your case with of our grants team, please apply for an Ordinand Health Grant

Grant criteria

  • We are a charity for the "relief and prevention of poverty or hardship" - any applicant should bear this in mind.
  • We consider a household's total income from all sources - e.g. stipend, salary, pensions, maintenance, rents, dividends and some state benefits.
  • State benefits given to people with a disability (or caring for someone with a disability) are not included in our income assessment.
  • Please note that it is unlikely you would receive support to fund treatments that are available on the National or Irish Health Services.
  • Owning property does not rule out an application, but if you own property and also have more than £16,000 in savings you will not be eligible.

We ask applicants to submit supporting documentation for all sources of income. This is to enable us to assess household income fairly and accurately.