If you or a member of your household is living with a temporary or long-term health condition (physical or mental), we may be able to help. Applications can be made once every twelve months and we will need to consider your household income and composition against our benchmark. 

We are unable to consider applications if you own property and have more than £16k in savings.  If you have savings over £16k but do not own property, you may apply.

In the first instance, we would encourage you to contact your Local Health / Social Services as we would not normally fund health treatments available from the state. In exceptional circumstances, we are able to consider funding private treatment, where statutory provision is unreasonable. We would ask to see a letter, as part of your application, from a GP or other relevant health or social care professional, supporting your request for a grant.

If you are applying for a medical expenses grant, we will require you to sign a consent form so our Medical Advisor can review your situation, which may include speaking to your nominated health / social care professional.


Please visit our Grants Information page.