Most clergy households now have an income equivalent to, or greater than, the average household income in the UK. Access to state benefits has further improved the financial situation of many clergy households. 

However, Clergy Support Trust recognises that there are circumstances where the income of a clergy household (or that of a widowed, divorced or separated clergy spouse or partner) is not sufficient to support the particular situation of the household. In such circumstances, one-off grants may be available.

We do encourage use of the eligibility checker before an application is made so you have a better idea of what is and is not applicable.

All support is provided by our small and friendly team of grants officers and is completely confidential. Please do contact the grants team on 0800 389 5192 or

Please apply for one category per application, as listed above, taking into consideration your most urgent area of need. Applications which request help from multiple categories are likely to experience processing delays.

If you are unable to apply online then you can request a paper application by phone, email or by writing to us at the address below.