Submitted by nick.gazard on Fri, 06/12/2020 - 14:03

The Clergy Support Trust has supported my family and I through times of transition and uncertainty. Prior to becoming an ordinand, I was a self-supporting student at Trinity College for two years, having left Hong Kong with my family to study theology.

Once I began training as an ordinand, the Clergy Support Trust provided a grant* which not only relieved some of the financial burdens we had accumulated, but also affirmed my sense of calling within the Church of England.

As my family and I prepare to move once again for my first curacy, we are grateful for the emergency grant we’ve received for ordinands whose starting dates have been affected by COVID-19. Again, in a time of transition and uncertainty the Clergy Support Trust has stepped in and reminded us that we are valued and loved.

*Ordinand book grants are being replaced by the Clergy Support Trust Library which, in partnership with SPCK, enables access to more books. Ordinands and their families may also be eligible for an Ordinand health grants and if ordination has been delayed due to COVID-19, an exceptional emergency grant.