Submitted by nick.gazard on Mon, 01/20/2020 - 14:34

We had a terrible summer. We had 3 back-to-back bereavements and one of our parents had a mental health crisis.

This meant we had to dash about the country, stay in B&Bs, move our family around, attend unexpected funerals and be there for family members in ways we hadn’t planned for. At the end of summer, we had booked a holiday but when it came, we had no money left for spending money or energy to really enjoy it.

We approached Clergy Support Trust, and the non-judgmental, warm acceptance of us was exceptional. We never felt like a ‘case’. The extra support, on top of what we asked for, made not only an autumn holiday thoroughly enjoyable, but it lifted a burden for us.

Since, we look back at the summer of 2019, not simply as one clouded by funerals and loss but also a great family holiday. A summer of hearing our 5-year-old daughter order her meal in Spanish (huevos y patatas por favor!) and our 2-year-old going on a plane for the first time!

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